Build your portfolio with the power of music  

BMC unlocks the exclusive world of copyright ownership and welcomes investors to the music industry.  With an investment in musical works, you can diversify your portfolio, expect good return potential, and performance consistency; Even when other markets are volatile.  

Our experienced team does all the hard work of catalog acquisition, maintenance, and management  — you just collect the royalties and enjoy the sustained performance that makes music famous.


How does investing work?

BMC lets you invest in music with all the efficiency and speed that you’ve come to expect from our digital world.


Join the Fund: Open an account via Music Benefactors and invest in BMC’s Royalty Fund


Review your Catalog: As BMC builds a dynamic portfolio of musical works you will be able to view the music you own on our platform.  


Manage your Account: You can monitor your investment from our royalty portal. 


Your Earnings:  Any potential royalties earned will be deposited directly to your connected bank account.*

What is unique about investing in music?

The music industry has historically shown resistance to downturns, even when other economic sectors have not.  In the first half of 2020, despite the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy, recorded music revenue continued a positive growth trend rising 5.6% to $5.7 billion in the U.S. and 9% to $22 billion worldwide. The sustained performance of music assets, along with its potential cash flow has attracted institutional investors for decades, now BMC is opening this investment oppututnity up to you. 


How does an investment potentially earn returns?

Music investments typically generate returns in two ways:

Royalties - This is revenue generated on an ongoing basis from downloads, streaming, performance, and synchronization in TV programs, films, or advertising.  We pay any earned investor royalties on a quarterly basis.  

Appreciation - The increase of a musical works value over time.  Appreciation isn't realized until the asset itself is sold.  We acquire catalogs and individual works with the intent of earning returns through the eventual appreciation, while simultaneously producing potential quarterly royalties.  


What’s the music like?

We love all kinds of music - rock, pop, jazz, folk, hip-hop, classical, latin.  No genre is off-limits.   Our team of music professionals and royalty auditors personally and diligently identify and analyze all of our catalog acquisitions.  Our ability to identify high-quality, opportunistic investments is at the core of our success.  As a result, our music catalogs are deeply diversified and well-vetted.


Does BMC charge fees?

One of the keys to our business model is our ability to minimize fees by eliminating typical industry inefficiencies. We use our improved technology and an in-house team of experts to achieve a fee structure that allows us to credit the fund 75% of the proceeds derived from the exploitation of the fund's music assets. 

How does withdrawing money work?

Investing in a private music catalog is by its nature a relatively illiquid asset class. While there are some private exchanges, this kind of asset doesn’t have an open market where buyers are readily available, and sales can't be facilitated as quickly as public stock.

For this reason, our fund is designed to best serve investors who hold their investments for at least five years.  We plan to liquidate underlying assets only when the right market conditions develop — ideally when sales will deliver favorable returns to our investors.  That timing is inherently unpredictable.

However, we understand things can come up that may prevent our investors from remaining invested for the full term, and do work hard to provide a plan that lets investors request to redeem their shares early, subject to certain conditions and limitations.

For complete details about our redemption policy, please see our offering circulars, available at


Where can I contact you?

We have a team dedicated to helping you understand the opportunities driving the private music market and your investment.  You can reach them by email at any time at We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.


How do I get started?

Now that you’ve learned some of the important aspects of investing in music copyright assets, get started with a portfolio of your own.  Click below to open your account and start your journey toward becoming a music investor.



(*BMC does not guarantee royalties will be earned.  Please consult with your personal financial advisor to understand investment scenarios and risks.)