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Why BMC?


Communication between a publishing administrator and their client is vital. We take the time to discuss ideas and clarify questions. Bigger  companies use general mailboxes as "gatekeepers' and picking up the phone to speak to a real person isn't always an option, but when you work with BMC, you have direct access not only to your main point person, but our whole team of professionals. One-on-one discussions ensures everyone is on the same page and in the loop.


Our royalty portal offers exceptional insights and analytics. Providing BMC clients with the best tools to view and understand their income sources and royalty streams.  


Our team of professionals have 25 years of experience in the music industry.  We each bring with us to BMC our collective knowledge from publishing administration, label services, entertainment law, and business management.  



Through years of experience we have cultivated relationships with other independent and exemplary professionals. Whatever your needs may be, sync, specific territory relationships or creative development, BMC matches our clients with the best partners.

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